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Member Benefits

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Members can track their personal scores and control what information is displayed
  • Track scores for your timed puzzles with your own id. (Non-member scores are lumped together as Visitor.)
  • Use your own pictures from your computer for jigsaws - Use pictures in jpg files on your computer to play online jigsaw puzzles.
  • Option to receive the Daily Jigsaw in email
  • Customize default jigsaw settings - Puzzles will always start with your favorite settings.
  • Specify any number of pieces for jigsaws - The upper limit is only restricted by the size of the picture and your computer's memory.
  • Option to list your favorite pictures - Gives quick access to your favorites for playing online jigsaws or sending electronic greeting cards.
  • Read and write comments for pictures in the gallery.
  • Send a jigsaw in an electronic greeting card - Electronic greeting cards sent by members include a button to play an online jigsaw. Members don't even need to login if they use the same email address in the From Email as in their membership account.
  • Create a webpage about yourself, your business or your website. Be creative. You may even include pictures you have added to the gallery and links to other websites. A link to your webpage will be included in the member directory and with jigsaws or electronic greeting cards made with pictures you have uploaded.
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