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Pictures from member Annie Bee

The Puzzel Lady - Annie Bee

I enjoy  working both computer and real jigsaw puzzles.

I also turn some of my own photos, or free to use photos found on the web, into puzzles on my computer. I find this to be an inexpensive and relaxing hobby. This is also said to be good "brain exercise"  My other interests are sewing, knitting, sketching, gardening,bicycling, story writing and spending time with our family and friends.

The photos I contribute here have all been captured with digital cameras.  I use both the free Picassa (from Google) and Paint Shop Pro 7 to repair, edit or play with photos. I do this only when a photo will benefit from being fiddled with...or when doing so will produce a better jigsaw picture. The camera I am currently using is a Cannon Power Shot A720.

Every so often I share a photo taken by my husband (Tom) or a family member - with thier permission. When doing so I   give them credit for thier camera work.

Photos that I choose to present as a jigsaw puzzle must pass my "puzzelability" test. The "test questions" include; is this a clear , well framed shot? Is there enough color, texture, light and shadow variation to be interesting to piece together? Does the photo "tell a story"?

Some of us enjoy working a variety of jigsaw puzzles from kittens to flowers or abstract designs. Others stay with certain categories such as scenic or floral jigsaws. Because I enjoy a variety my gallery here ( and elsewhere) includes all types of puzzle photos.


As of July 2008 I have been a member of Dotty's place for going on two years!

I look forward to seeing what other members share .

Thank you each and all for taking the time to do so :-)

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